Packing and Labeling Tips

Genius Packing and Labeling Tips for Office Relocation

Office relocation is something that everyone in the company should be involved in. Being one of the biggest and most challenging developments in the company. Thus, you have to take advantage of all the help you can get from your employees.

We highly advise that you hire professional movers for company relocation because your office has a lot of fragile and delicate equipment that are vital to the operations of the company. You can’t have these valuables transported by untrained hands.

Whether you will hire professional movers for your company relocation or not, you have to observe the following simple guidelines in order to keep your office items safer for the move.

Pack months before the move

If the company finally decides to relocate to a new office, it will be best to inform your employees right away so they can help sort the items out. Packing should be done at least two months before the actual moving day.

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Uniform boxes for electronics

Electronic equipment in your office should be taken care of properly during the move. Aside from putting inside the boxes, proper and sufficient cushion to protect these items from the heat, humidity, and damage, these boxes should also be recognized as carrying electronic gadgets and equipment. Put labels on them and make the boxes uniform in color.

Balance the box

Here’s a golden rule in packing for a move – don’t put all the heavy items in one box! Some make the mistake of packing in one box, all the heavy paper files, folders, and books in the same box. This is not right. You have to balance the box by mixing together light and heavy items so there won’t be an extremely heavy box when you move.

One properly-labelled box for each employee

For office items that are particularly used by individual employees, they should be grouped together in one box according to who uses them. The individual boxes for employees should be labelled accordingly. This will help the group unload with ease.

Red for fragile

Boxes with fragile contents should have a clear and loud indication that they should be handled with care. A mere “FRAGILE” text  on the face of the box is not enough. The box itself has to be striking in color. We think red is the most appropriate color for boxes with fragile contents.

A list for every box

As much as possible, prepare a list for each box that shows which items are contained therein. This may sound too detailed and burdensome, especially when you have many items to move. But this is safest way to know if you lost anything during the move. This list will also make it easier to unload and organize the items into the new office location.

Number your boxes

After packing your office items, number all the boxes and take a photo of them. This way, you can identify which box is missing and how it looks like if ever you lose one.