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A door hanger (also a door hanger or a door hanger) is a plastic or cardboard mark, usually in rectangular form, hangs by a handle of the handle or a boat. They are sometimes used to distribute print ads in homes. The door hanger is often seen in hotels and other places as a means of restoring the deck and communicating with the domestic staff.

In a common place where symptoms do not disturb the tracks in the residential places, where the guests keep these marks on the door so that the housewife with the staff should respect their privacy. Some hotels offer signs of “contraction” with opposite signs. They also tell other staff members and students in schools that they are especially in progress in the classroom. Do not disturb the signs to prevent potential thieves.

Door hackers also compare to direct mail as an advertising vehicle. Recently, this type of advertising advertiser is using direct terms for door advertising. This type of advertisement offers many benefits in traditional direct mail printing that is “bail”. The owner of the house must handle the piece and there is usually only one advertisement on the door hanger that gives big announcements to the advertisers. This type of advertisement is used by national brands and local businesses to help them boost traffic in their stores increase a trial by offering a sample, and to improve their brand awareness. This method of delivery can often be more cost-effective and with today’s technology, GPS delivery and integrated imaging in the evidence test is completely durable.

The Door Hangers are very simple. They do not need any other stage to wrap them, envelopes, posters, collapsible, restrictions or distributions. You can literally start moving these minutes to the door … and the corn-cutting holes or hooks that are very fast and easy to split. A door hanger is suspended from the front door of the residence and the owner of the house must be removed from the hand. It cannot be ignored. In addition, the possibilities are very good, your suspension will only be on the door handle … so the consumer’s attention is increasing in its specific offer. Door hangers are ideal for access to specific areas and communities. Physically, a person cannot get a more objective approach than keeping a marketing message at the front door. Door hangers also allow you to keep track of your success because you will quickly know which geographic areas enhance your offerings.

Door hangers are one of the most affordable promotional methods available. They are not only affordable to print (especially if you choose the standard size), they are also economical to distribute. Any form of any direct marketing allows you to deal with specific possibilities for such a good price. Your door hanger can be printed with any layout or color scheme you want. Do you need double-sided door suspension with full color images? No problem Need a bright green hanger with big bold text? No problem Need your custom size, special shape, glow layer, company, business card earring, or other unique feature? No problem … the choice is entirely yours. Door hanger is one of the few marketing methods when you provide complete control after sending your message to potential customers. If you want to see an offer mid-month, two weeks before the holiday or a week before the end of the promotion, then when you split the door hanger. Some marketing messages are backwards … like posters that you walk in the past or advertisements posted on the radio or television. Because these short messages are often deposited, they are unable to respond. However, a door hanger is in physical shape. In this way, it focuses on, because the national owner must remove it from the door handle, pick it up, read it and follow it. Usually, custom door hackers are not the first thing to think about when people can use it for marketing. However, this method of marketing can potentially be very effective. Examples of these products are special events, coupons, holiday sales, important announcements and political messages can market with your custom door market through suspension printing.